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How do I make an appointment?

  • We would like to invite you to use our “E-PORTAL” (e-platform) in order to avoid telephone queuing: Go to “login på selvbetjening” and register as a user of our e-platform (fill in the registration scheme and press “opret mig som bruger”). You will receive a welcome-email in your email inbox. Please, go to the activation link in the email and log on the e-platform for the first time. Here you can make appointments, communicate with your doctor / nurse, or renew prescriptions.
  • On our e-platform, you can book appointments electronically from 12 o’clock (noon) the day before until 12 o’clock (noon) the actual day you want to come and see your doctor.
  • You can call the reception desk between 9 am and 12 o’clock (noon) the day you want to come and see your doctor. The only kind of appointment that you can schedule some time ahead are “scheduled routine consultations*”, see underneath.
  • Alternatively you can come to the reception desk between 9 am and 12 o’clock (noon) the day you want to have an appointment with your doctor.

* scheduled routine consultations (“planlagte konsultationer”):

  • Routine checks for children, see also “børneundersøgelser” and “børnevaccinationer”.
  • Routine  checks during pregnancy (in week 6-10, 24, 32 of your pregnancy).
  • Yearly checks for patients with chronical diseases such as  Type 2 Diabetes, Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COLD), Cardio-Vascular Diseases, Hypertension.
  • Medical Attestations, eg. for driving licenses.
  • Consultations with the nurse.

If you are in doubt, please, ask our secretary at the reception desk. In order to schedule the so-called routine appointments, please, call us some time ahead in the time frames described above.

Acute illness after 12 o’clock (noon)?

  • In emergency cases after 12 o’clock you can call us on our emergency phone 43 58 48 29.

Blood tests:

If you and your doctor / nurse have agreed on taking a blood sample, you can come 8 – 8.30 am without an appointment. Please be aware that there may be some waiting time.


In Denmark, we have GP Consultation Nurses who provide care for their patients quite independently – but under the doctors’ daily supervision. They are specialized in chronic diseases, vaccinations, wound care, sting removal, etc. For appointments and further information, please, contact the reception desk.

Quality assessment:

Our clinics has been accredited september 2018.

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